Nick & Carly's Engagement

This was one of the most exciting events I've been a part of, and I didn't even know the people! Carly and Nick's Thanksgiving-eve engagement was planned and executed so well. Not only was the proposal a surprise to Carly, but her entire family, from all corners of the country, were there to surprise her as well.

Nick and Carly's families anticipated their arrival for hours. They kept busy with plenty of food, wine, and music. Once Nick and Carly arrived from the airport to his beautiful set-up outside, everyone knew they had about 15 minutes to be silent inside the house.

The dogs kept watch and finally alerted everyone that Nick and Carly were on their way inside, and they looked happy. 

The expression on Carly's face was unbeatable. Her only wish for her engagement was that her family be there, and there they were. She burst into tears. The rest of the night was filed with toasts, hugs, and laughter.