Winter Blues

How is everyone's new year going so far? I know many of us in the DC area have cabin fever. Running a business can be difficult in an industry that somewhat relies on the seasons..not many people are selling their home right now, getting married, or wanting to do outdoor portraits. I know this is the case for other industries as well. It can be discouraging. But now is a great opportunity to focus internally and reevaluate your business strategy, determine what's working and what's not, and make necessary changes.

Although people might not be wanting photography right at this moment, many clients are scheduling now. So marketing right now is as important as when spring rolls around.

So what business-growing methods have worked during these slow times?

#1: My Passion Planner

It was a gift for Christmas. It actually makes me excited to do work. It's not too late to start your year with one! Ever since using it I've accomplished so much more than without a planner-- from personal to professional goals.

#2: The Knot

I was skeptical when a friend suggested I advertise here. What's wrong with my carefully planned google ads that I'm paying top dollar for? If you want to advertise on The Knot it's about $100/month. I didn't want to do that on top of google ads. So I did a free listing with them instead. Meaning I'm allowed zero description, zero photos, nothing. Just my business name and a link to my website. Being a free listing, I was put pages behind the big advertisers. I counted 75 wedding photography/videography listings ahead of me in the Fairfax area!! I was certain this would be a bust.

Two weeks since the listing and I have 4 weddings booked for the year (and it's only January!). And not a dime spent. My trusty planner has kept all this contract-writing and meetings with couples on track.

I recommend all sorts of people try listing with The Knot, not just photographers: DJ's, jewelers, stylists, florists, etc.