How to Grow your Business through Instagram

Instagram is important for all types of businesses, not just photography. It might not be my main means for finding clients, but it sure boosts credibility. If I searched for a certain company's instagram account to find they only had a couple dozen followers, it might turn me away. There is no excuse for lack of followers or lack of an account with these simple steps:

  1. Vulnerability. Keep you account public. Having to request to follow someone is one more step in someone's busy day. 
  2. Post regularly. Set a reminder on your phone or in your planner to post once a day or several times a week.
  3. #Hashtags. The more hashtags you use, the more users will see your photo, like it, click on your profile, and follow you. I strive to add about 5-10 hashtags per post.
  4. Have a theme. And stick to it. Keep that theme consistent with your brand. No one wants to see a random cluster of food photos, selfies, sunsets, and cats. I save that for my personal account ;)
  5. FOLLOW. This is the most effective step. Follow as many users as you can. Like and comment on photos that interest you. You are guaranteed to get courtesy follow-backs from this tactic. If said account doesn't follow you back within a couple days, you can always unfollow them. I like to search hashtags related to my industry (#photographer, #naturephotographer #canon6D, etc), and then follow those users who's interests and businesses are similar to mine. 

These steps have me growing at a rate of 150 followers/month. If you stay consistent that could mean 1,800/year! You might not get tons of clients compared to other outlets, but growing all of your social media accounts is an important way for your brand to look up-to-speed.