Staying "True" to Your Subject

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a corporate photography shoot with Mitch Dowell, founder and creative director of Branding Experiences. This shoot was already rescheduled due to Snowzilla. One week later, despite all the warm weather, snow was still an obstacle. We still had a great time creatively working around it, and exploring one of Dulles' enormous business parks. It had a lot of great scenery to offer.

A vital aspect of head shots is making sure you capture who the person truly is. You want them to be themselves - from how they dress, to how they stand, to what their facial expression is. I've met so many professionals who I didn't even recognize from their head shot because their photo was so ingenuine, so forced, and so unlike themselves. I think with this shoot we really conveyed Mitch's true, edgy personality.