New Videography Teaser!

It's officially wedding season and I am a combination of excited and overwhelmed -- I have 8 weddings just in May. It's not only the weddings that are tiring but the weeks of editing afterwards. But unlike the majority of videographers I enjoy editing, even more than the filming. Here is a preview of Wedding #1 from last weekend. The venue is Old House Vineyards in Culpeper, VA. Absolutely stunning. 

So how do you stay sane in such busy times? Weddings aren't even my main job! I still work 5 days a week shooting real-estate, and then spend Saturdays and Sundays at weddings. My boyfriend currently hates me for never being home. So to stay sane I always have a treat to look forward to. Something I refuse to buy on most days -- Starbucks! So find your treat. It really helps.