New Videography Teaser!

It's officially wedding season and I am a combination of excited and overwhelmed -- I have 8 weddings just in May. It's not only the weddings that are tiring but the weeks of editing afterwards. But unlike the majority of videographers I enjoy editing, even more than the filming. Here is a preview of Wedding #1 from last weekend. The venue is Old House Vineyards in Culpeper, VA. Absolutely stunning. 

So how do you stay sane in such busy times? Weddings aren't even my main job! I still work 5 days a week shooting real-estate, and then spend Saturdays and Sundays at weddings. My boyfriend currently hates me for never being home. So to stay sane I always have a treat to look forward to. Something I refuse to buy on most days -- Starbucks! So find your treat. It really helps.

The Power of the First-Look

Nothing can replace a groom seeing his beautiful bride for the first time walking down the aisle, right? Seeing her before would spoil it! But how great of a picture can you get of the groom's reaction, or the bride's, during the ceremony? If there's only one photographer, who do they choose? And even if they get both reactions, the subjects are in separate pictures. It's difficult to capture the connection if the reactions are in two pictures. I've witnessed first-looks several times over the past year and the footage I got, whether photo or video, was unbeatable.